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Repair My Dentures Paignton

Is your denture stained, cracked, or broken? We can remove stains and re-polish your denture to make it look amazing. We can repair a crack to ensure your denture doesn't fail on that important night out. We can even fix your denture if it has snapped in two and ensure its back for your special function? We can give you your smile and your confidence back.

Denture Repairs You Can Trust

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You can send your case to us by post (we recommend recorded delivery) or you can pop in and see us with your denture.

We are a high-quality dental laboratory and as such there are some instances where we cannot repair your denture without you visiting your dentist.


Denture clean and polish from £35 including new denture box and delivery.

Before Repair My Dentures Paignton cleaned a set of dentures covered in Tartar and Grime.


After Repair My Dentures Paington cleaned and polished  a set of dentures covered in Tartar and Grime.


Denture repairs from £50 including FREE clean and polish, new denture box, and delivery.

Snapped dentures can be easily cleaned, polished and repaired by Repair My Dentures Paignton

We can also make an exact copy of your denture from £175.


Unit 15 Trojan Industrial Park

Borough Close




01803 520434

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